Digital Resources

The following is a list of resources we’ve been providing to our trainees but have decided to now make available to the larger progressive digital community. Have a resource we should add? Email us at

Helpful Email Lists & Facebook Groups

Beth’s Political Social Grab Bag: Beth’s monthly email on best practices.

Beth’s Training Alerts Email List: Announcements of public trainings

Progressive Exchange: Great discussion of what’s shifting in digital media plus people willing to help when you have a question or run into trouble

Helpful Websites & Blogs

EPolitics: Digital Strategyfor politics and advocacy work

Simply Measured’s Resources: Great set of benchmarks, reports, case studies, etc. No need to buy their product to download these.

M+R’s Annual Benchmark Report: Every year you can compare yourself to others on all things digital using this report

EveryAction’s 2019 Email Deliverability Benchmarks Study

Action Network’s Deliverability Guide

Digital Resources for Labor and Progressives

Resources on Accessibility

Disability Rights Washington/Rooted in Rights has a wealth of information on their site about making your digital content accessible to people with a wide variety of abilities

Making videos accessible with audio descriptions

Check your color contrast

Downloadable browser plug-in that allows you to use an eyedropper to analyze your content’s color

Stock Photo Archives

Note: all of these are not your dad’s stock photo archives…these are all purposely inclusive

Affect the Verb

Create Her Stock

WOC in Tech Chat

Representation Matters

Broadly Gender Photos


Black Illustrations

Information about Digital Security

Cybersecurity Recommendations for Campaigns & Organizations: Mike Sager of Emily’s List is one of the leading digital security experts in politics- many of us ask ourselves “WWMD” (what would Mike do) when considering Digital Security in our work

Facebook Best Practices/Advice/Tools

NY Times study on what makes things shareable

Buying Facebook Ads: A Beginner’s Guide

Facebook’s own ad guide

Getting started on Facebook Live

Useful how tos for Pixels for FB Ads

Twitter Best Practices/Advice/Tools

Which Tweet Did Best? A Quiz


Twitter Lists

Image Editing Tools

Canva or if you are a 501(c)3 they have Canva for Non Profits



Pixelmator for infographics

Piktochart also for infographics

Video Tools

Windows Movie Maker


YouTube Movie Editor



Creating stickers

Best practices for Instagram Stories

Other Great Tools










Action Network

Blue Utopia



Not sure which CRM to use? NGP/EveryAction put together a great list of questions you should ask vendors

Good Extra Reading

Comprehensive (and always growing) list of things to read as you work to confront racism- both your own & that of others

The Psychology of Social Media

It’s Everywhere, the Clickbait

Click Farms have inflated social media currency

Books that might be of interest

Victory Lab by Sasha Issenberg

The Digital Plan by Brad Caldana

Switch, Made to Stick, Decisive, Power of Moments or Upstream by Dan & Chip Heath

The Move On Effect and Analytic Activism by David Karpf