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Recruiting Your Own Micro-Influencers and Advocate Supporters

Winning the narrative and driving engagement on social media is harder than ever. Gaining traction for your organization’s message is becoming harder in a crowded social space. Getting any meaningful organic engagement on most Facebook pages is a thing of the past.

But all is not lost. Many organizations are getting real and making an impact by engaging their Micro-Influencers and Advocate Supporters. Your organization likely has hundreds or thousands of people who want to help you spread your message.

This Training and Strategy Cohort will help you understand how to build an Amplification and Engagement Program of Micro-Influencers and Advocate Supporters. We’ll make sure you understand the strategy and set reasonable goals. Equip you with templates and planning tools. Together we’ll work to help you launch your program through this cohort.

Our mission is to provide you with the coaching, resources, and tools to create a campaign, find a creator, and begin working towards executing your campaign and reaching new audiences.

We’ll cover:

* A strategic view of how Micro-Influencers and Advocate Supporters Programs make an impact
* Essential strategy and resources for recruitment
* Metrics and measuring success for your program
* How to deploy content for engagement to your Micro-Influencers and Advocate Supporters

And much more

Sessions will be 90 minutes at 4 ET / 1 PT on Monthly starting in April
Course Dates: Tuesday April 23rd @ 4 ET / 1 PT — Tuesday May 14th @ 4 ET / 1 PT — Tuesday June 18th @ 4 ET / 1 PT — Tuesday July 16th @ 4 ET / 1 PT


Jul 16 2024


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm



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