London Trainings

We are thrilled to be partnering with Rachel Collison of The Donor Whisperer to conduct 4 of our most popular trainings in London, UK in Feb & Mar 2022. See the training descriptions below along with application and registration links.

All 4 trainings will take place at Resource for London at 356 Holloway Rd, London N7 6PA

Social Media Deep Dive– Feb 8- Feb 11, 2022

Cost: £500 + VAT early bird offer which ends Dec. 31, 2021. After that cost will be £600 + VAT.

Social Media Strategy- 3 words not used together enough. This 4 day training is for people who have experience managing social media for a union / organisation / campaign.

It will focus on how do we manage social media strategically including:

  • What is the role of social media within a larger digital strategy and organizational strategy?
  • In depth discussions of the major social media platforms and strategies for maximizing reach and engagement including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more.
  • Advanced Social Media Advertising strategies.
  • Social Media Rapid Response.
  • Social Media Analytics.

Digital Campaigning Bootcamp– Feb 14- Feb 19, 2022

Cost will be £1000 +VAT early bird offer which ends Dec. 31, 2021. After that the cost will be £1250 + VAT

Have you been trying to figure how best to use digital organizing strategies and tactics to accentuate the organizing work you do? Do you have a little experience working in digital organizing but want to fine tune your strategies?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then our Digital Organizing Bootcamp is for you.

Digital Organizing Bootcamp is a week-long immersive training in Digital Organizing with hands-on, in-depth training on topics like:

Building a digital campaign strategy

Mapping engagement paths for your supporters

Best practices for building websites, writing email blasts, managing social media and other digital organizing tasks

Integrating digital tactics with offline organizing

Follow up opportunities for mentorship and additional training

To teach you all this and more, we are bringing in some of the best digital trainers in the country to guide you as you master the art of Digital Organizing. This is a unique opportunity to have in-depth conversations with experienced Digital Organizers working across the country about topics like writing a digital campaign budget, managing digital staff, making our digital content inclusive and accessible to everyone and making the case for digital campaigns to non-digital colleagues and bosses.

You’ll also have hands-on experiences with some of the most up-to-date technology being used in Digital Organizing.

Digital Analytics– Feb 22 & 23, 2022

Cost is £250 + VAT earlybird offer which ends on 31st December, 2021 after which the cost will be £400 + VAT

By trainee request we have put together this brand new 2 day training to do a deep dive into Digital Analytics. This training will cover:

  • What are the key metrics we should be using to measure our work in digital for email, social media, digital advertising and websites?
  • How to track our web traffic across channels.
  • How the increased online privacy trend is and will continue to impact our analytics.
  • How to put together a meaningful analytics report to share with bosses and colleagues.

This training is for you if you manage digital for your organization and have to share regular analytics reports with your bosses and colleagues.

Advanced Digital Campaigning Bootcamp– Feb 28- Mar 5, 2022

Cost is £1000 + VAT earlybird offer which ends Dec. 31, 2021 after which the cost will be £1250 + VAT

Have you been working as a digital organizer for a few years? Have you been looking for what you might call “continued education” or “advanced level training”?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then our Advanced Digital Organizing Bootcamp is for you.

Advanced Digital Organizing Bootcamp is a one of a kind, once a year training that offers deep dives into new strategies/tactics/tools, updates to not so new strategies/tactics/tools and opportunities to get feedback on your digital organizing efforts from some of the best digital organizers around the country.

The training will include deep dive sessions into:

  • Detailed information about any changes to the social media platforms we all use along with information about any new ones that catch fire in 2021
  • Deep dive training into topics that rarely get covered in digital organizing trainings like setting up google analytics, social audio and more
  • Opportunities to share the work you are doing and get feedback from your fellow trainees and the trainers