Storytelling Strategy to Defeat Disinformation

Whether you work on issue campaigns or electoral contests, the insidious and divisive effects of political disinformation have huge implications for your work and the communities you serve. Organized efforts to mislead and manipulate people on nearly every major issue — from climate change to pandemic response to voting rights to reproductive justice and beyond — is one of the biggest collective challenges we face. But simply exposing or “debunking” disinformation doesn’t make it go away. Indeed, many progressives’ habitual responses to disinformation campaigns actively make the problem worse. Fortunately, that means we have considerable power to fix this.

We have everything we need to defeat disinformation— if we develop the strategic mindset and discipline needed to embed inoculation tactics within every aspect of our campaigning, especially our external communications. In this practical, interactive two-day training designed for progressive communicators and policy advocates, we’ll explore and address:

  • How disinformation intersects with other forms of political manipulation to undermine our advocacy and our communities’ overall well-being
  • How bad actors weaponize our good intentions against us – and what we can do about it
  • How values-driven messaging & storytelling strategies help neutralize disinformation in the short-term and inoculate our communities over the long-term
  • How to integrate (and/or improve upon) strategic messaging and storytelling efforts within our current communications and advocacy campaigns.